IP Telephony & Network Integration

The term Convergence, also know as multi-service networking, refers to the integration of data, voice and video solutions onto a single (IP based) network. Traditionally, voice traffic has been carried on circuit switched networks or networks made up of private lines and time division multiplexers. Our Infrastructure Solutions Team architect networks that present customers with an infrastructure, and environment specifically designed to enable powerful multi-service technologies. These multi-service or converged networks are often times deployed to support VOIP as the initial convergence of these disparate networks to increase productivity and save costs through management of one data source.

Our team has the necessary skills required for:

* Converged network design for both the WAN and LAN * VOIP viability analysis
* Next generation Voice application assessment and deployment * Network Readiness Assessments
* VOIP implementation services along with day two support * Integration of IP Call Centers

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