Structured Cabling Systems - Scalability

In addition to our wealth of experience in electrical engineering, we also have 15 years of experience in Network Cabling design and installation. As one of the first companies in Orlando to venture into structured cabling systems installation, a milestone in our history, we have since progressed to being one of the leading Prime Contractors in the industry. A structured cabling system forms the working foundation of a your overall IT requirements. A well designed cabling system will optimize the performance of your IT strategies, and that meets your needs of today while providing the inherent capacity for future expansion. As Authorized System Integrators of quality structured cabling systems, we are in the capacity to provide a total solution for your data and telecommunication network, tailored to suit your particular requirements.
We are Certified Designer / Installers of the following structured cabling systems, which are in compliance with TIA/EIA Commercial Building Wiring Standards :

* SYSTIMAX Solutions
* Avaya Communication
* Krone Integrated Structural Solutions
* AMP NetConnect Systems
* Ortronics Systems Solutions

As a Certified Designer/Installer, we are qualified to apply for the various warranties offered by the above Companies, guaranteeing performance, standards compliance, as well as component and installation quality.

The Cabling Services division is equipped to support all aspects of your communication cable system. Services include on-site, outsourcing and on demand move / add change support for cabling, telephones and PCs. Single and multi-site cable installation projects, of any size, are also supported. Our staff includes industry certified designers (RCDDs) and installation professionals with many years of experience in commercial, industrial, retail and office environments. We are experienced and tooled to support all communication media types including shielded & unshielded copper cable, coaxial cable and fiber optic cable. Our enhanced capabilities also include assessment and certification of existing cable systems, design & engineering of new cable systems, asset inventory and full documentation (CAD, test results, cut sheets, etc.).

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