Consultative Assessment

The Consultation and Assessment Service will include a visit with an Application/Integration Specialist who can measure a company's current capabilities, determine interoperability issues and provide recommended next steps. Since We provide Professional Services and software for all hardware vendors, We are able to provide valuable, unbiased, third-party advice and counsel to decision-makers who are facing a sense of urgency, while trying to address long-term needs. These solutions recognize the importance of corporate policies and procedures, and are sensitive to employee morale, productivity and the culture of the organization. In order to achieve meaningful outcomes, the balancing of proactive, cost effective and thoughtful strategies coupled with sophisticated analysis, skills and research is paramount to our strategy. Our Professional Expertise provides focused, cogent programs to address and offer support.

We are uniquely positioned to provide this type of expertise and service, our history of leadership in implementing systems, combined with our interoperability and ability to work with all vendors gives us insight that other box makers do not have. Our Professional Services include network consulting, interoperability testing, resident engineer services, maintenance contracts, video integration services and technical training. The depth and breadth of such Services demonstrates the Expertise and Professionalism of our Company. Our team members are experts in video network technology and understand the support required to keep the network running smoothly. Video technology, coupled with reliable network connectivity, provides a powerful form of communication.

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