Our favorite current pictures of the family... #2

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Not everyone can say they have their own personal barber!

He makes house calls and even works on his vacation!

The Ferraro's visit the Oakey's & spend some time at the Miccosukee Indian Village.

I can't believe daddy is actually holding an alligator!


Miccosukee Indian Village, (Northern Everglades) Big Cypress National Park, way west of Miami

I'm not so sure whether I like this or not. what is this stuff between my toes?

I'm always such an angel!


Samantha's 1st Christmas school play, December 2000. First Assembly Christian Academy, Florida City, FL.

Another picture of Samantha's school Christmas play!

I'm so excited about going to school!


Samantha's 1st day of school. First Assembly Christian Academy, Florida City, FL. K4

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Mommy & Rebecca still waiting for Samanta's school Christmas play to start.

Mommy & little sister waiting for school Christmas play to start.

Boat ride in Flamingo City, FL. Everglades National Park.

Matthew, loving Life!

Picture by Samantha.

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