03 MAR 2001

Current News from the Florida Oakey's
Author - Celine Oakey
Contributing - Samantha Oakey

Hey Everyone,

    In this age of information & technology, Matt thought that it would be appropriate to have a family web site and had been talking about it for quite some time now, so......... here it is!

    Let's see, what is new? Rebecca is now quite able to sit up of her own free will & is working on her crawl. I think she reminds me of a new recruit in boot camp learning the "army crawl". She has the pattern down but just needs to be up on her knees when she's moving.

    Samantha is "a good little student" says one of her two teachers. She loves school & is reading on her own at home. She recieves a certificate for a free personal pan pizza at the end of every month, from Pizza Hut for participating in the " Book It" program. That is a great motivater since one of her favorite few things to eat is indeed pizza. She has also accompanied Mom to Tuesday morning Bible study at our church. The reason being that another girl about 2 years her senior has been coming with her mom. She is home schooled. Elizabeth is very quiet & less active than Samantha. The two girls sit in the same room with us & keep busy with paper, crayons, markers, etc. This week I took Samantha even though Elizabeth wasn't there & she behaved very well. She even participated in group prayer after the study to my surprise! I was thankful that she didn't take too long & sat quietly while others prayed. She thinks that everyone should take a turn praying when her friends are over.

    Matt has an interview on the 19th of March in Wyoming. He will be there from Friday until Sunday. We are hoping that the Chief Engineer from the WB Channel in Hollywood (Florida) will get back to him & have interviewed him before then. As much as he would love to take a plane ride, we really aren't anxious to go west. Matt contacted the Chief Engineer at Channel 39 ( the WB) this past Monday but he still had not recieved two call backs from two people in Tribune ( they own the channel) & said he will call Matt when he hears from them. For those who haven't heard, Matt's old boss fromTribune, Max Kirkland, referred Matt's name to the chief engineer at Channel 39 for the Assistant Chief position.

Neighborhood news: The two girls that live next door spent both days last weekend over here playing. I think they like our popsicles. Samantha enjoys her friends. Yanessa, is a few months older than she & they hold hands when they walk together. The people across the street have a boxer puppy that keeps gettting out of her yard & comes over to our neighbors house (right in front of ours) & eats the cat food that Mila (the neighbor) puts out to feed the homeless cats (thats another story). After her meal she proceeds to our driveway to poop. So, I have to hose our driveway off on a regular basis. There is a current restriction against all outdoor water use due to the drought conditions & possibility of wildfires. Does that include washing dog poop off your driveway? By the way, due to the boxers frequent breakouts, one of the local stray dogs (a really nice black Labrador) mated with her, & there are now ten puppies across the street. I hope they are all given homes before they all follow Mom's routine when she makes her neighborhood rounds. Or worse yet, before Matt decides to take one!

Well thats all I can think of for now. I'll be sure to update and announce as soon as anything exciting happens.

Love to All,
Celine, Matthew, Samantha and Rebecca