Video Conferencing - Text & Data Collaboration

The rapid penetration of web cam use and Video Conferencing into Corporate and agency networks has also driven a demand for extended feature sets as well as enhanced Quality of Service and improved Security on all networks. Videoconferencing adds value to any organization by adding another dimension of communication to a meeting or conversation. These new elements lead to a more useful, but more complex network implementation. Corporate and agency networks that seek to combine voice, video and data need to understand the requirements on their network and ISP to be able to implement a high quality and acceptable scheme. We understand the need for converging voice, video and data onto a single enterprise wide IP network, which has created multiple technologies and systems aimed at convergence. Our standards compliant solutions provide investment protection for organizations looking to start or upgrade their communications network. Our solutions maximize performance over IP networks and facilitate interactive communication between remote users. Our portfolio includes videoconferencing products from the desktop to the conference room, including multipoint and streaming solutions. Our text messaging and data conferencing product set allows for secure instant messaging and integrated web and data collaboration. Partner with 23 years experience, a team with a deep bullpen of Certified Network Engineers and SAN Architects, and a Nationwide Network of On-site Integration Partners.

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