Remote Access & Monitoring

Today, businesses demand real-time access to information in order to improve efficiency, make intelligent decisions, enhance customer service, and save time and money. With the growing scope and size of voice and data networks, and with organizations relying more and more on network infrastructure as a conduit for information flow, increasing demands are being placed on IT Professionals to maintain network performance and availability - often with the added challenge of limited or less-experienced staffing. In order to meet these demands, Network Managers and Systems Administrators need a means to remotely monitor and manage network and telecom equipment throughout the enterprise. What's needed is a complete set of tools to:
  • Remotely configure, monitor and manage equipment
  • Access your equipment over the network or through a single modem connection
  • Connect equipment that lacks a network interface
  • Secure access to Mission Critical equipment and Data
  • A scaleable and cost-effective solution

Enabling Technologies for Device Networking
The advances in networking technologies and the Internet have opened the door to increased efficiency through a network-enabled world. In this world, devices like bar code scanners, thermostats, factory machines, scales, blood analyzers and security systems all have the power to share information over the network or the Internet without the need for bulky, expensive PCs. Searching for a solution for remotely managing your equipment, We have the hardware and software solutions that will connect you with your information. Whether you are looking to manage a remote office or a complete enterprise, We have the right Console Management solution to connect you with your information systems. The solution to your needs is a Console Server. Console Servers leverage the console or serial port built into most network and telecom equipment, to provide remote management using familiar tools like telnet, Secure Shell (SSH) or a web browser. When the network is not available, you can even access attached equipment over a modem.

Telemetry & Remote Access Monitoring
A remote access service (RAS) VPN secures connections for remote users, such as mobile users or telecommuters. RAS VPN monitoring provides all of the most important indicators of cluster, concentrator, and user session performance at a glance. Performance Monitoring also enables you to determine quickly whether RAS VPN problems exist and where they exist. You can then apply this knowledge and use your network management tools to reduce or eliminate problems for your network and users. Optionally, you can logout one RAS user at a time.

Interactive Remote Monitoring Management Systems, Interactive Digital Video
Interactive Remote Video Monitoring offers a very cost-effective, reliable and proven high technology alternative to typical on-site security guards. It can be used to augment existing guard forces, reducing the number of persons required and the associated costs. It can also be used to improve employee performance by performing remote tours of sites and generating detailed reports to your managers for review. Finally, remote monitoring can be used to prevent employee theft, provide a safer work environment and protect against frivolous law suits. A clean track record often results in lower insurance premiums and a dramatic reduction in costs associated with losses. Monitoring can be provided on any schedule up to 24/7 coverage. Through the use of voice warnings and two-way audio, the system can intervene and take action to prevent losses before they occur. The system can incorporate a number of different technologies such as access control systems, building management systems, alarm systems, RFID tagging and inventory systems, panic buttons, intercoms and emergency phones all integrated with CCTV cameras and two-way audio.

Interactive Systems
We install high quality cameras, speakers, microphones, alarm systems and digital video and audio recording and transmitting units at the client’s site. Intelligent programs can detect the presence of humans in any area with over a 95% accuracy rating. In addition, alarm sensors or other devices such as panic buttons, emergency phones, motion sensors, beams, etc., can also trigger an event on the system.

If you have a specific need you would like to discuss with us please don't hesitate to contact us today.

    • Monitored Two-Way Audio & Video
    • Creates a Virtual Presence instantly on demand
    • Prevents employee and outside theft
    • Protects people and assets indoors and outdoors
    • Improves employee performance-cuts management costs
    • Prevents false alarms and costly fines
    • Protects you from frivolous lawsuits & lowers insurance costs
    • More efficient, more effectve than on-site manpower alternatives
    • Provides you the ability to see your operations from any computer

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