Networking Solutions

A strong network foundation is the key to enable business growth through productivity and profitability in this technology-dependent Internet era. Our Networking Solutions Department provides small and medium-sized business customers a suite of tailored intelligent networking solutions that help drive greater employee productivity, support innovative services, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating costs. We give your employees secure, reliable, and convenient access to the information they need, whether they are located in the main office, at a remote office, at home, or on the road. The backbone of any communications system, whether voice or data is the cable plan. Properly installed and configured for your future organizational requirements, it will provide years of fault free operations. Our Networking Solutions Department can provide all your networking services from cabling, to workstation setup, to server configuration. Whether you need one cable run, 100 machines installed or you want to connect multiple offices via a Virtual Private Network, Our Networking Solutions Department offers one call service for all your needs. In addition to cabling and installation services, we also offer: repair and maintenance on your current network, remote administration services, and network documentation services. Got users who travel, or work from home? Got more than one location and want to tie them all together? Contact Us about one of our VPN offerings. We have software and hardware solutions to fit almost any budget. No need to keep paying for long distance calls or extra phone lines so users can dial in, you can connect to your VPN from any location that has internet access. A hotel room, a clients, site, even many airports now offer wireless connnections to the internet. No need to ever be out of touch. With enhanced capabilities in the areas of voice, security, and mobility and investment protection you can count on Us to meet your business needs, now and into the future. Voice and video-enabled virtual private network (V3PN) solutions enable businesses to safely extend all their network services to collaborate with partners, suppliers, and remote sites. Robust management tools provide complete control and visibility into the integrated network infrastructure from the individual device level to the entire network. Concerned about your network's security? Maybe you should be. Most of today's computer networks are connected to the internet, regardless of of it's one PC dialing in, or a high speed internet connection. If your network touches the internet, you are exposed to many dangers that can take down your systems, or worse, copy or even remove your confidential data. Our Networking Solutions Department Security Solutions offer a complete range of manageable solutions designed to maintain the integrity of critical network information and extend the reach of network resources. Our integrated security solution provides robust protection within a comprehensive product line including routers and switches as well as firewalls, intrusion detection systems and VPN access concentrators. Our Networking Solutions Department has solutions that can help your business safeguard against these threats.

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